Screaming Josh

April 29th, 2009

These pictures are for all of you that can’t believe that Josh could be anything other than an angel.  After waking up way too early, being a pistol all morning long, biting his mother and punching her in the face, it was nap time.  He thought that meant jail and torture and was letting Crisi know about it.  I couldn’t hear her on the phone for all the yelling and screaming that was going on.  All the same, we still think he is super cute.

This last week or two he has started pulling up on everything and trying to climb up anything that he can get a hand on.  He frequently uses Grace Dog as his own personal jungle gym or as a stepping stool to get up onto the couch.  He has also started talking a lot more and he’s getting pretty good at “Mama.”  Otherwise it’s mostly “babababababa…”

And on Easter Day, his two bottom teeth came in.  Sharp as little razors.  I never realized the teeth would be so sharp.  Neat.