Arcade Games!

March 26th, 2009

What do you do with a 10+ year old computer? Give it to the boy! He immediately started mashing keys and opening windows. He even managed to get on the internet by himself. Finally, I loaded up some of the old school arcade games and he busted out laughing at PacMan. Props to Crisi for coming up with such a genius idea.

Too Tart!!!!

March 11th, 2009

Hi there!  Josh is almost six months and I’ve been quite the slacker about maintaining the blog.  We’re trying to get him into better sleep habits and it’s been exhausting us.   At any rate, he seems to be improving every night.  If he wakes up, he’ll typically cry for about five to ten minutes before falling back to sleep.   We have a good video monitor that we can check to make sure he’s still in the crib and the image is sharp enough that we can see the gentle rise and fall of his breathing.  The monitor prevents unnecessary trips to check on him.

Josh has also been eating a variety of solid foods.  Crisi makes everything from scratch and usually adds just a smidgen of butter and some seasonings.  There hasn’t been anything that I would happily eat if it was served to me.  (Well, maybe not that squash last night…)  Here is a video of Josh’s reaction to peaches with a little yogurt.  TOO TART!!!!

We hope you are all well and happy. God Bless.