Josh and his many admirers – 5.5 Weeks

October 24th, 2008

Josh is 5 1/2 weeks old now and is getting stronger and cuter everyday. We’ve had a blast snapping photos of his little face and fun first activities. That is, between some longs days and nights of trying to comfort Josh’s gas and colic. Everyone keeps telling us it’s just a phase, so we’re just working through it and waiting for it to pass…literally, I guess. We’re not letting it stop us from taking him out and enjoying the approaching fall weather.

Here are a few photos taken with Josh’s friends and family.  Pictures include Trav’s Dad and Susy’s visit to Florida to meet the little fella, kisses from his cousin, Lucas and of course, his big sissie, Grace Dog.

The baby is kicking!!!! PLUS pictures from Makaela’s 30th Birthday!

May 27th, 2008

We’ve hit a new landmark with the jellybean – he’s kicking away at mommy now. It took a while for me to feel him because of the position of my placenta, but he’s making up for lost time now. Travis even felt him Saturday morning. It was a little disarming…I was just laying down and started feeling these little spasms every once in a while. It took me a little while to finally put together what I was feeling. ( I even had to call my mom for confirmation.) And, of course, my belly is growing everyday. It seems that I’m hungry all the time, and while sometimes I just need a snack, sometimes I eat more food in one sitting than I ever thought possible! The Florida heat is starting to get to me a little bit when I’m out and about, but so far I’m handling it ok. So far, the whole pregnancy has been going great!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we celebrated Trav’s sister Makaela’s 30th birthday. We headed over to Trav’s Mom’s house on Sunday for dinner, presents and cake. Makaela is also preggers (about 30 weeks) and we got some great pictures of all of us, including her adorable 3 year old, Lucas. We hope you’re all doing great and we’d love to hear from you. Take care!