20 weeks – lots of new developments

February 2nd, 2009

Wow, what a crazy few weeks it’s been.  Josh has started to really come alive and he’s learning new tricks every day!  This really is an exciting time.

He’s now rolling back and forth from tummy to back and back to tummy.  He is so close to sitting up completely unsupported and is trying so hard to crawl.  He gets so frustrated when he can’t get to what he wants, but we’re pretty sure that the next step is just around the corner.

After a few unsuccessful tries in the past couple of weeks, tonight Josh finally took his rice cereal from a spoon!  It took a little trickery on my part, but I guess that’s what being a mom is all about sometimes.  He was a little leary of the spoon at first and wasn’t sure he wanted what was on it, but I dipped it into some “gripe water” and put it into his mouth and he loved it.  Gripe water is really just glorified sugar water, so he’s always willing to take some of it.  After a couple of dips of the gripe water, I started filling the spoon with cereal and we were off to a great start.  After a few minutes of trying to spittle  it out of his mouth, he finally started swallowing and even opening up wide for the next bite.  It was so much fun.  Travis and I are really enjoying these milestones.  We’re hopeful that once he gets used to the rice cereal, his sleeping and gas will improve.  Say prayers for us!!!

Here are some pictures of our first feeding.  Enjoy.

January 2009

January 11th, 2009

Happy New Years.  It’s been a busy two months since we last posted and for that I apologize.  We had the holidays, my birthday, a visit from my Dad and Susy, a lot of studying for my Certified Genereal Appraiser exam (I passed!) and of course, the everyday challenge of being new parents.   Through all that, we took a ton of pictures and we’ve tried to pick a handful of them to post.

Here’s a gallery of Christmas pictures from Josh’s first Christmas:

Here’s a bunch of Josh shots with different hats on.  He didn’t like hats to begin with, but they don’t seem to bother him much anymore.

Nine Weeks, One Day!

November 19th, 2008

Hi Everyone! Today is Wednesday, November 19 and Josh is nine weeks and one day old. He had his two month checkup yesterday and the doctor thought he looked great. He was tall for his age at 24.25 inches and a little light at 11 lbs 5 oz. The doctor said he was tall and thin – perfect. We like Dr. Silva.

Josh also got three shots and has his circumcision manually adjusted. He weathered it all with only a few minutes of crying before he was back to normal.

What is normal though? He has the dreaded colic and cries for long stretches when he can’t pass his gas. We do everything we can think of and everything anyone suggests and usually it doesn’t help too much. Crisi has been a super mom in dealing with it while I’m at work. Josh saves a bit of it for me when I get home, but Crisi gets the majority of the sad baby times.

When he isn’t hurting, he is absolutely wonderful. We can see how smart he is and he continually does things well before he’s supposed to. We’re proud.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last month. I particularly like our Halloween costumes!

We hope you are doing well,
Trav, Cris and Josh.

Josh and his many admirers – 5.5 Weeks

October 24th, 2008

Josh is 5 1/2 weeks old now and is getting stronger and cuter everyday. We’ve had a blast snapping photos of his little face and fun first activities. That is, between some longs days and nights of trying to comfort Josh’s gas and colic. Everyone keeps telling us it’s just a phase, so we’re just working through it and waiting for it to pass…literally, I guess. We’re not letting it stop us from taking him out and enjoying the approaching fall weather.

Here are a few photos taken with Josh’s friends and family.  Pictures include Trav’s Dad and Susy’s visit to Florida to meet the little fella, kisses from his cousin, Lucas and of course, his big sissie, Grace Dog.