Ultrasound Video – Week 18, It’s a boy!

April 20th, 2008

Here’s the video from our ultrasound for week 18. This is where we found out it’s a boy!

Travis has captioned parts of the video to make it a little easier to see what you’re looking at. We hope you enjoy!

We’re getting really excited and are so happy you all are sharing this special time with us!
Enjoy the show…

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Week 18 Update: It’s a boy!!!

April 18th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Cris and I went in for the Week 18 ultrasound. The baby is getting much larger and we could see a lot more definition on the ultrasound. Almost immediately the baby kicked it’s legs up in the air and showed us his little package. There wasn’t any mistaking what we were looking at and the sonogram tech confirmed the baby was a boy!

I’ve added some pictures of Mom’s belly. (The ultrasound pictures are giving me some issues. I’ll get them up later.) I’ll hopefully have the ultrasound video up this weekend with some annotation to let everyone know what they’e looking at.

Cris is doing well without too much sickness these days. A lot of indigestion, but we’re working with the doctor on that.

And tonight we’re practicing our parenting skills by babysitting our neighbor’s five month old.

We miss you all,