14 Days Old

September 29th, 2008

Josh is two weeks old now.  It has been an absolutely wonderful time for us.  Watching all his funny faces, inspecting his little body parts, and holding him while he sleeps. (So I’m a little sappy…) Granted, there are also the not so fun parts – Cris’ body slowly healing, sleep deprivation, pee, poop and vomit everywhere.  But I’m pretty sure we’ll forget that stuff in due time.

We’ve had two pediatrician visits so far; one on his fifth day and the two week checkup.  I’m told the “Fifth Day” visit is a little unusual but that was because the pediatricians aren’t associated with our hosipital and it was mostly a meet and greet type of appointment.  And yesterday we had our “two week” visit.  It seems that Josh likes to show off for the nurses…

On the first visit he showed them he knew how to scream, breast feed, pee, poo, and barf.  (I’m laughing just thinking about it.)  They all loved him.  And yesterday, he really showed off for Nurse Dawn.  Thirteen days old and he tried to do some crawling.  When that didn’t work, he rolled over instead!  Apparently, rolling over doesn’t normally happen until the 3-5 month mark….  And I caught it all on video!   So enjoy this little video clip and we’ll keep on posting updates!!

We hope you are all doing well and thank you all for your prayers and warm wishes.

Trav and Cris

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Say Hello To Joshua James

September 21st, 2008

So I always wondered what took my friends so long to send out pictures of their newborns.  I always wondered what could be keeping them?  Now I know!

Josh was born on Tuesday at 8:29 am.  He was 8 pounds 7 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long.

Our five day old is doing very well.  He’s nursing well and sleeping a lot.  Crisi is still experiencing pains from the c-section, but is otherwise doing pretty well.

So without further delay, here he is – Joshua James!

Tuesday is the big day!

September 15th, 2008

Hi Everyone.  It’s Monday night, and tomorrow is the big day.  We went to see the doctor today and the consensus was that the baby was too large and Crisi was too small.   Her cervix showed no dilation and the doctors strongly encouraged a c-section.   So while dissappointed that Crisi couldn’t deliver the old fashioned way, we elected to schedule the c-section for tomorrow morning at 8am.

Cris is delivering at St. Lukes Hospital in The Family Birth Place area.  We should probably be there until Friday, but we might get to go home early depending on how Cris is recovering.   Either way, Crisi is excited that she and our new son will be home for Game Day on Saturday.

Those of you in the area who would like to stop by, please give me (Trav) a call on my cell phone and I’ll let you know if/when she’s up for visitors.  We appreciate all your warm wishes and support and look forward to introducing Josh to his extended family.

We will do our best to get pictures posted online as soon as possible.


39 Weeks and expecting a Big Ole Boy!

September 12th, 2008

It’s Friday, September 12 and I am a round and ripe 39 weeks pregnant!  We had an appointment at the specialist’s office yesterday to do what they call a Growth Scan, which is an ultrasound where they do all sorts of measurements of the baby’s head, belly, thigh bone and arm bones to determine an approximate size and weight.  Josh is coming in hot at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, with a margin of error close to half a pound.  So, it looks like when he comes out, he’ll be somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds.  No sweat!

I’m still out and about almost everyday…driving to doctor’s appointments , going to the grocery store, shopping and walking around.  My feet swell pretty bad and I don’t move super fast, but I’m getting around, which keeps me in good spirits.

Travis took me on our last fancy dinner date on Sunday.  We got dressed up and went out to the TPC Sawgrass and had a fantastic dinner.  I was able to stick pretty well within my diet, with the exception of a delicious piece of chocolate pie that we split.  It was so great to get out and just feel like a married couple again and not scared expectant parents. Travis has some pictures we took that night posted below.

We hope you are all enjoying life as summer winds down, college football season gets geared up and the weather (hopefully) starts cooling off a bit.  Please keep us in your prayers.  We are hopeful that Josh will come on his own accord in the next few days.  If not, the doctors will schedule an induction or C-section by next Thursday, the 18th, which is his due date and we’d sure rather go the natural route.

Love to you all.  Crisi