The things I miss because of Gestational Diabetes

August 28th, 2008

A lot of people have asked me what I’ve had to omit from my life to comply with my special diet for the G.D. that makes it so difficult at times.   These things have been hard to give up, not only because they are some of my normal favorites, but mostly because pregnancy has made me want some of them even more.  One can only thank God that they haven’t taken away Barbecue; but honestly, barbecue WITHOUT sweet tea is almost not barbecue at all.

Here’s a brief sampling of foods and drinks I miss and can’t wait to have again after Josh is born.  (p.s. anyone who wants to bring treats from this list to the hospital is automatically on the list to become Josh’s favorite Aunt or Uncle.)

xoxo,  Crisi

Icy cold fountain Coca Cola
Chocolate Milk
Potato Salad from Sticky Fingers
Rice – white rice or sticky rice
Sweet Tea
Breadsticks from Olive Garden
Hot off the rollers Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
“My UPs”  – Breakfast of eggs and hashbrowns with ketchUP and pancakes with syrUP
Cold Stone Creamery
Gnocchi from Maggiano’s
Sweet Tea
Chocolate Custard with sprinkles (aka jimmies) from Rita’s
Loaded mashed potatoes
Oreo Shake from The Loop
Corn on the Cob
Macaroni and Cheese
7-Layer Bar from Starbucks
Fruit Salad
Apple Juice
Cheese Danish
Did I mention Sweet Tea?
Fettucine Alfredo
Heath bar Blizzard from Dairy Queen
M & M’s
Godiva Champagne Truffles
Banana Spring Rolls from PF Changs
Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
Handtossed Pizza Hut Pizza
Devil’s Food Cake with fudge icing

Six Weeks To Go!!!

August 7th, 2008

Welcome back.  Today is Thursday, August 7, and we only have six more weeks to go.  I suspect that those weeks will fly by and then we’ll have a brand new bouncing baby boy.  We’re super excited.

Also in recent news, my sister Makaela just had her baby, Brady Patrick, and he’s super cute.  And my sister-in-law Shari is also pregnant, due around Valentine’s Day 2009.  And my other sister Lori just had a baby girl in the last year.  Lots of babies in our family will make the cousins all near the same age, which we think will be a whole lot of fun in the coming years.

Crisi is doing well for the most part.  She’s having contractions (the Braxton-Hicks “fake” contractions) more often now.  Today it happened seven times.  Her stomach becomes rock hard and it looks extremely uncomfortable.  She just waits for it to pass and then keeps on trucking.  Other than that, the Jellybean seems to be constantly moving around inside her belly, trying to find a comfortable spot to settle into.

She has done a fantastic job sticking to her new diet and is keeping the gestational diabetes under control.  That’s great because it means we won’t have to do the insulin.  Lord knows I didn’t want to stick her with a needle, and I know she wants to do it less than I do.

Here’s a quick video that shows some of the highlights from the 4D Ultrasound that we had a few weeks ago.  It also shows the baby’s belly with hiccups from another recent ultrasound.  And then there’s a couple of pictures of us preparing the room and furniture for the Jellybean.

We hope you are all doing well.

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