Sunday Funday

February 22nd, 2010

We had a great time today.  The weather was beautiful and we took a trip to our community park.  Josh played on the jungle gym and the basketball courts and got to see a bunch of ducks.  Then we went back home to wind down.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our afternoon.

Finger Painting Fun

February 5th, 2010

Long time no post. December and January were long months with the whole family sick with one thing or another.  Josh had a double ear infection and tonsillitis that lasted about a month before we knocked it out.  The ENT said tubes weren’t necessary at this time because it was only his second bad ear infection in 16 months and probably got so bad due to a poor choice of medication on the part of the hospital staff when we first brought him in.  Throughout it all, you probably would not have guessed there was anything wrong with him at all.

However, now that it is all cleared up, there has been a definite improvement in his attitude.  He’s started eating more and seems much happier.

Today he had a lot of fun with finger painting.  Here are some fun pictures of Joshy just before his bath.