12 Hours of Josh

June 29th, 2010

Have you ever noticed that parents like to tell the stories of what monsters their kids can be and tell fewer stories about the rest of the time when their kids are actually perfectly fine and enjoyable?

Monster Story: Josh was a pill this morning as I dropped him off at school. He was holding a rock (that he stole from our neighbors flower bed) on the drive to school and when I told him to leave said rock in the car he wanted nothing to do with that plan. So I had to take it from him and that set him off. Lying in the parking lot crying. Awesome.

Angel Story: Last night as Crisi was leaving to go to a neighbors house for a gourmet food tasting party, I was holding Josh and she came up to say good bye. He promptly said, “Bye bye. Luhloo (Love You) Mommy. Night Night.” and reached out to gently touch her face. It choked her up a little bit and as he saw that he told her Luhloo again and leaned over to give her a kiss.

And a story right in the middle: After I put Josh to bed last night he was making quite a ruckus in his bedroom so I turned on the video monitor to see what he was doing. Sure enough, he was holding on to the side of crib jumping wildly up and down with about a foot of air on each jump. As I burst into the room to tell him to stop that and go to bed, he jumped his last jump and let go of the rail, twisted his body, and landed in the bed with his head on the pillow and said “Daddy?” in that voice that indicates “What? What are you talking about? I’ve just been lying here all along.”

May Activities

June 1st, 2010

Hi Everyone!  It’s been two months since I’ve posted anything.  In these last two months, we’ve seen a lot of development in Josh.  He’s mimicking everything that comes out of our mouths so we’ve been cleaning up our language and choosing the words we want him to know, ie. Hieney!  He’s been climbing anything around – the tables, couches, chairs, high chairs, ladders, etc.  This culminated with Josh climbing out of his crib during nap time.  He had been screaming his outrage about nap time and when it finally got quiet and I clicked on the video monitor to see what he was up to and the crib was completely empty.  Rushing down stairs I found him sitting on the ground by the door, wrapped in his blanket and petting Grace Dog who had been trapped in the nursery with the screaming maniac.  He has been saying many new words and using his sign language.  He’s using his potty a lot and I even had him considering the toilet last night.  He goes number 1 almost every day, but number 2 is less frequent.  He’s still very lean and muscular but it seems like he is putting on weight again.  He can do a hanging pull up and jumps like a maniac in his trampoline.  And he is VERY opinionated, especially when it comes to food and dinner…

On the Mommy and Daddy front:  Crisi went up to Savannah recently to have dinner with Paula Deen at her home.  It was a charity event for 200 guests and Cris got to meet and talk with the whole family: Paula, Michael, her two sons and Uncle Bubba.  She also got her picture taken with everyone.  For Crisi, it was a dream come true.  For those who are unaware, Paula is somewhat of a southern idol when it comes to cooking down home southern food and the perfect example of a Southern Lady.

I’m just plugging away.  I’ve got all sorts of geeky projects filling my spare minutes.  Currently I’m working on a home theater movie player to replace all our DVD’s.  It’s about done, I just have to make what you see on the TV a bit nicer looking and then I’m on to one of my many “on hold” projects.  Sous-vide cooker, new tool rack, upstairs closet reorganization, etc.  I know – I’m a dork. 

Here’s two videos of Josh and I racing upa down the hall. Crisi calls it my new exercise routine.  When the video starts playing, click the button at the bottom that says 360p and change it to 480p. It will sharpen up the video. I hope you enjoy. 

Drop us a line in the comments.  We’d love to hear what you are up to.

Trav, Cris, Josh and Grace.

Sunday Funday

February 22nd, 2010

We had a great time today.  The weather was beautiful and we took a trip to our community park.  Josh played on the jungle gym and the basketball courts and got to see a bunch of ducks.  Then we went back home to wind down.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our afternoon.

Halloween 2009

November 1st, 2009

Boo!!!  The clowns were out in style last night.  We took Josh down the street in his trike and he had fun hanging out with all his friends in their costumes.   Here are some of our favorite pictures.