Josh is One!!!

September 20th, 2009

Here we sit at the end of one of the longest days of our lives, which punctuates what seems to be the shortest year of our lives.  Joshua is one year old and no longer the little baby we brought home from the hospital, but a rough and tumble, walking, running, jibber-jabbering little boy.  He was lucky enough to get to share his first birthday with not only family, but friends and neighbors too.   What we thought would be a small casual get together, turned into a balloon infested, three dimensional advertisement for Sesame Street.  All that really matters is that  Josh ran and played, pulled balloons down, tore paper, ate cake, and smiled all day — even with missing his nap.


I just have to say that Josh was an absolute rock star today.   With a whole household of people milling around and kids running rampant all over the place, he never batted an eye.  He just had a great time and went from person to person to tell them that he was One!  Please enjoy our favorite pictures from today,



August 28th, 2009

So this morning Josh starts crying at 4:45 am. I hear him on the monitor and ignore him hoping he goes back to sleep. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished the monitor had a snooze button…) He falls back to sleep and wakes up ten minutes later and starts crying again. I’m pretty sure he has a wet diaper and is probably hungry. So I make him a bottle and when I make it to his room, he’s back asleep. It takes about ten minutes before he wakes up again and I change him and give him the bottle. I rock him a bit and put him back to bed. As I leave the room he starts crying – typical. So I wash the bottle out and go back in.

He’s lying on his belly crying so I pat him on the back and tell him “No crying. You have a new diaper, new medicine for your teething, and a full belly. It’s time to go back to sleep.” He stops crying but as soon as I stop patting, he starts again. I tell him “No” and he quiets down. He starts again and I “Shhhhh” him and he stops again. After standing there in silence for about four minutes (remember, he’s on his belly and looking away so he can’t see me) clear as day, Josh asks, “Da?”. Translation: “Dad, are you still there?” I tell him “No.” (What’s he going to think about that answer? “If it’s not Da, who is it? The boogie man? That’s cool.  I’m down with the boogie.”)

He always knows when we leave the room and so he starts up again. I cracked the door and said “No.” After two more rounds, he stayed quiet. The whole process took about eight minutes. In my book, that’s way better than 30 minutes of letting him “Cry It Out.” I think we’ll try this again!

Daddy Dadda Dadadeedee Nancy!

July 30th, 2009

Two days ago, Josh started saying “Dada dad daaaddeee daddy dad dad daddaada”. I’m not sure he associates it with me yet, but I’m stoked nonetheless. Apparently he says “Nancy” also… -Trav

Josh is walking!!

July 28th, 2009

Hi everyone,

After several days of tries, tumbles, and tentative steps, I received a ecstatic phone call from Crisi this morning telling me that our baby boy had finally and truly walked. As soon as I got home, Crisi set him on the ground and he walked right over to me. Awesome.

Here’s a quick video: