38 Weeks Complete

September 5th, 2008

Today is Friday, September 5…  We’ve (well, Crisi really) been pregnant for 38 weeks.  I think last night Cris was trying to will the baby out of her.  She had false labor contractions about every ten minutes for most of the evening until they finally settled down toward bed time.  She’s been able to interact with the baby – pushing on his hands or feet and having him push back.  At this point, he’s so big in there, it’s easy to feel him smushed up against the belly and sometimes it’s easy to see also.  

Crisi has doctor’s appointments three times a week now and she gets an ultrasound every Thursday.  Yesterday, they were waiting to see the baby practice his breathing and switched over to the 4D ultrasound for some fun while they were waiting.  His face was as cute as ever and, once again, he was sucking on his arm.  I think we might have a chronic problem with arm hickies after he’s born.  We hope you are all doing well and we’ll let you know when he makes his big appearance.  I’ve set up a group on my cell phone to send everyone a text message.   Parents and siblings – you’ll get the first phone calls.