5 months old – Lots of changes

February 18th, 2009

Today is Tuesday, February 17 and Josh is 5 months old now.  So many things are changing these days.  Josh did very well on his first two weeks of rice cereal and oatmeal.  Tonight we moved on to his first “real” food.  Crisi decided to start with peas and she made them rather than using baby food first time around.  This way, Josh had food with decent flavor.  She cooked the peas with some butter and just a touch of salt.  We thought they tasted pretty good and Josh agreed.  We couldn’t have imagined he would take to his first green vegetable so well.  After dinner and his bath he went to bed in his crib for the first time also.  We’re hoping to see him crawling soon.

He was baptized over the weekend and we’re planning to get those pictures up here sometime soon.  We hope you all had a great Valentine’s day.

Take care!

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